Provide 10 Birth Kits
Provide 10 birth kits to mothers in need.

Every mother deserves a baby to cradle, not a tiny body to bury. One Heart World-Wide’s mission is to decrease maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity in remote rural areas. It is hard to believe that simple tools can save lives, but providing hygienic tools to be used during childbirth greatly reduces the risk of infection for both mothers and newborns. We encourage skilled attendance at all births to ensure that a trained birth attendant is available to manage any complications that may arise. Along with antenatal care and raising awareness surrounding healthy pregnancies and safe childbirth, One Heart World-Wide greatly reduces preventable deaths due to pregnancy and childbirth using simple interventions. Help OHW save lives, one birth at a time, by providing a mother in a remote area with essential resources to ensure a safe delivery. Your redemption provides 10 mothers with a Basic Birth Kit to ensure a safe and hygienic birth. Each Basic Birth Kit Includes: 1 bar of soap, a plastic sheet to provide a clean surface for delivery, latex gloves to be used by the person assisting the birth, a clean razor to cut the umbilical cord, string to tie the cord, a plastic disc to aid in the removal of the umbilical cord. These simple tools save lives.