Frequently Asked Questions

How does KARMAKARMA work?

With KARMAKARMA you can make a real difference in the world by choosing from over 150+ impact actions, such as Planting a Tree, Feeding a Puppy, Providing Clean Drinking Water for a Day or Giving a Meal to a Child in Need. KARMAKARMA lets you know exactly Where, What and How you are making an impact.


We have partnerships with companies such as rewards and loyalty programs where you can use your points to make an impact. If you would like to offer KARMAKARMA to your own employees, customers or rewards program, please email us at

Can I purchase KARMAPOINTS?

Yes, you can purchase KARMAKARMA Cards online by using the Buy Impact Cards option on the top of the homepage or by visiting:

Where do I enter my code?

Visit our homepage to enter your code in the provided field. You may also click the yellow Redeem button on the top right hand corner of the homepage. Enter your code and make an impact!

When do my KARMAPOINTS expire?

Your KARMAPOINTS never expire.

I've redeemed and entered my code but was not credited any KARMAPOINTS. What am I doing wrong?

To ensure that your KARMAPOINTS are credited to your account, you must be logged in prior to redeeming your code. Log in to your account using the Log in option on the top right had corner of the homepage. Once you are logged in, you may redeem your code. Your KARMAPOINTS will appear in your Impact Profile.

How can I see what Impacts I have made in the past?

Log in to your KARMAKARMA Account, and choose the Profile option on the top right hand corner of the page. Your Impact Profile will display all the positive impacts you have made in the world as well as your remaining points balance.

Where is my account?

To log into your account, visit the homepage and you should see an option to Log In on the top right hand side of the page. If you originally registered with Facebook, make sure you use that option; otherwise, choose to enter your email address and password manually.

How do you work with the KARMAKARMA nonprofits?

We have partnered with the nonprofits to provide micro-donations so each time you redeem your KARMAPOINTS we keep track of the transaction, and on a regular basis, either quarterly or bi-annually, we send the total donations to each nonprofit.

What amount of my donation is actually driving the impact that is referenced?

We are working closely with all our nonprofit partners and have defined impactful micro-actions that are being done on your behalf. Our nonprofit partners have given us a specific amount that they need to carry out an impact action. We will wire 100% of that amount to the charity, so the action can be accomplished. Most of the charity profiles on the site also list the dollar amount that is needed to create a specific impact.

How can I sign up my nonprofit to become a KARMAKARMA Impact partner?

We would love to hear from you – please contact us at

Is my donation tax deductible?

You might have received a code for a KARMAKARMA Card from a rewards club. In that case your contribution will not be tax-deductible for you, but the provider of the reward service might enjoy a tax benefit. Please consult with your CPA for any tax-specific questions.

How is KARMAKARMA Card different than other donation sites?

The KARMAKARMA Card was created to give users the peace of mind of knowing what impact their contribution actually accomplishes. Even after making a donation, donors are often not certain what their donation will do to alleviate a specific need.

We are all about supporting your favorite cause and making a tangible impact. Every redemption you make on this site will make a difference and create real change!